This is the part where I would like to thank everyone that has made criCRiC, my little cricket, come to life. Thank you so much for giving criCRiC a heart and a new look!

Alli ( what can I say? You’re amazing… a true friend… thank you for your constant support and will to help.

My brother Victor, ( Once again, thank you so much for your help and patience! (that's already a task on its own, I'll tell ya!) in bringing criCRiC’s kingdom to life. I love it! Although... There are things that still need changing. I'm Kidding! Hmmm... Not really. Ha! ;) (This is me, already babbling...)

To Mei F. Arevalo ( for helping me for the third time! Thank you so much for these amazing photos. Thank you, thank you! 

Thanks so much to the awesome models I had this season: Carla, Hector, Iraida, Hugo and Valeria! They all worked really, really well... Thanks also to the mums and dads for bringing them along and for helping on the shoot.

To Dawn Bartlett ( for her PR expertise, enormous support and incredible friendship.

To my cousin Joe Tornos, for the aditional photos he took two days after becoming a daddy for the first time... You know I TQM.

To all the customers who make criCRiC keep going. Especially those who keep coming back season after season!! ;)

To all my closest friends and family for their substantial support. I am very fortunate to have you all in my life…

A special thanks to my dear friends, Gema y Álvaro...Thanks for being always there when I most need it!! You are the best!!

To the joy of my life… Cai , my son… Because you make me push myself to unknown limits… Love you lots!

And last but certainly not least, my special thanks again to my wonderful mum, for your enormous help and support. What could I do without you?! I love you lots…

Thank You All so very much.

All my love,

Cris xx